The consulting office, "MICHAIL LOLIDIS total quality and productivity projects", provides consulting services to Private Greek, Multinational Companies and Government organizations.

During its more than 10 years successful presence in the consulting market, "MICHAIL LOLIDIS" ,has developed significant skills and acquired unique experience  in business design & transformation and in business operations.
Combining experience ranging from large enterprises to smaller and even smallest ones, with personnel of less than 5 persons, it has  a flexibility in forming every project that undertakes in all  over the Greece.

This has resulted in a relationship of absolute trust between the company and its over 100 clients in Greece as well as in a high rate of project repeatability (over 1,6) with these clients.
The guiding goals of "MICHAIL LOLIDIS", is to:

- provide consulting services of the highest quality, and to continuously support the company's clients both during the execution of a project and during the subsequent implementation of its results.

- significantly strengthen the client's business position, through services of tangible impact on the client's value added activities. In the context of each client's capabilities, the contributions are innovative, implementable and of particularly high return-on-investment.

The activities of "MICHAIL LOLIDIS", focus on the following main business directions:

  • CQI (Continuous Quality Improvements) projects
  • Total Productivity process Management (TPpM) concepts
  • Productivity improvement projects
  • Interim management
  • Mapping and implementation of  Lean organization projects
  • Training
  • Operations / Supply management, Human resources management

The nature and the distinctiveness of projects that undertakes the "MICHAIL LOLIDIS total quality and productivity projects" determine the best possible work group, JIC-WG (Just-in-Case-Work Group).

The  work group is structured from a network, that has  reference  on  www.gauss.gr., of collaborated consultants partners & knowledge providers that  is its outlined asset. Those are engineers, economists and other scientists, 70% of whom have completed postgraduate studies (PhD, MBA, ή M.Sc.) and possess a strong professional experience in their respective fields of specialization.

Over the years, following the office's growth and expansion to a wide range of services, its personnel  has increased both in terms of number and areas of expertise.  
High standards of professionalism, exceptional background and team-working ability, in addition to their technical expertise that fully covers the activities and services offered are also required.

Michail Lolidis, who runs the office, with a considerable experience and expertise for more than 20 years, is managing a network of excellent partners, for the completion of projects of various specializations as it results from the description of the structure of its organization.

In addition, in collaboration with the think tank  "Noriaki Kano systems methods & process" supports with services whatever may refer to systems, methods and management practices in almost every sector of economy.


The office   has been certified according to :

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  • ISO 9001: 2000  by the TUV-TUV CERT for the quality management.
  • ISO 14001: 2004 by the  QMS for the environmental management.

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